OFFLINE has neither any agenda nor any outcome. Typically, I just invite 30-35 friends and associates, all smart, accomplished people like yourself, who enjoy mixing business with pleasure. I only ask that you come with a generosity of spirit and an open mind. I will share a bunch of stories over the evening that touch upon the OFFLINE ethos, while you have dinner, build great relationships and are tucked up in bed at a sensible hour!

In an increasingly wired world, it is easy to forget simple charms. OFFLINE is about eating and drinking, while talking and thinking, constantly chaperoned by a healthy dollop of laughter and relaxation. Previous attendees have straddled everything from finance to fine art and politics to fashion and I very much look forward to welcoming you too – great food, great company and a hint of the unexpected ensure nobody leaves an OFFLINE gathering early!

OFFLINE is conceived and hosted by me, Howard Lewis, cultured, creative and curious though not necessarily all at the same time. I bring a blend of experience, inter alia, across art and financial markets, while also encompassing a passion for people, books, football, travel, custard doughnuts (with sprinkly sugar for the purists among you) and a finely honed gift for staring into the far distance.


Howard Lewis

Howard Lewis, 56, cultured, creative and curious, brings a multifarious box of tricks to the table. Over many years, he sent investment reports for private circulation that touched upon issues such as infrastructure, demographics and the vagaries of markets. He broadened his horizons by reflecting too upon aspects of the art market and life in general but, more importantly, started sending articles to friends, clients and associates on subjects that they were interested in or which he felt they should be aware of. The response to this was overwhelmingly positive and led to the genesis of OFFLINE.

The fundamental premise behind it was that in a wired world people needed more than ever to engage in physical interaction with one another. The articles were mere props but they reinforced the fact that the simple acts of talking, laughing, eating, thinking. OFFLINE is designed to be the antithesis of everything online but also recognises that veering off road and then back on it is both valuable and necessary. It aims to challenge and provoke, question and answer, stimulate and amuse, nurture and nourish in a delightful and congenial setting.

As to slightly more prosaic matters, Howard is passionate about art, books, football, travel, wit and wonder and is extremely partial to custard doughnuts (with sprinkly sugar for the purists among you). He is a member of MCC, Savile Club, London Library and a long term season ticket holder at Arsenal FC, true purveyors of the beautiful game.

Howard’s Top Tips

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