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One of the best kept secrets in London.

OFFLINE is one of the best kept secrets in London. If you want to build great business and personal relationships, look no further. OFFLINE is all about ways of viewing the world and the art of sharing; it embraces private, by invitation dinners, the OFFLINE Quarterly Digest and my talents as a speaker and communicator. Step inside and explore for yourself – I think you will like it!

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I recently brought together a random group of talented and open-spirit global personalities.  None of them knew – not even…


No Invitation Required!

I don’t agree with all the rules at my club but there is one unspoken rule that I agree…

How to take an OFFLINE approach to information overload

How to take an OFFLINE approach to information overload

1. Recognise that you cannot be all things to all people. Nobody is so brilliant or so efficient they…


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Where do you find wit and insight, argument and laughter, interspersed with great food and company? The OFFLINE dinner! Hosted by me at the Savile Club in Mayfair, it encompasses a very eclectic crowd, all ages, all backgrounds, boys and girls. All that matters is you come with an open mind and a generosity of spirit. Don’t just take my word for it – listen to past attendees

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OFFLINE Quarterly Digest


Where do you find a random sampling of articles, personally curated and delivered in hard copy? The OFFLINE Quarterly Digest! Don’t care for an individual feature? Simply pass it along – OFFLINE is all about sharing, observing and learning with fresh eyes. The following recipients might give you an idea of what to expect…

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Speaking and Consulting


And where do you find both a storyteller and connector in one place? Sitting right in front of you right now! I am passionate about engaging people and understand how to join the dots to enhance their lives. I am available as a keynote speaker, MC, moderator, panellist or for purely decorative purposes! Here are a few more words from those converted by the OFFLINE philosophy…